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tea gift subscription loose leaf novello

Monthly Tea Subscription Gift


A monthly tea subscription delivered through your letterbox. Each month, we send two varieties of tea for you or your lucky recipient to try. For month one, we include a personalised welcome letter and some handy drawstring tea bags and with each month’s delivery, we include information about the tea and tasting notes. It really is a gift that keeps on giving!

Please note: this item is only available for delivery within the UK.

Made from:

The product contains two 40g (approx.) pouches of tea (per month) which are packaged within resealable pouches to ensure optimum quality and taste. Please note, the weight of tea will vary by type. For best results store in a cool, dry place.


Who is the subscription for (so we know who to address the welcome letter to)?
Who is the subscription from (so we can include it in the welcome letter)?
Would you like us to include a message from you within the welcome letter? if so, enter it here.
Do you have a delivery date preference for the first month's order? if yes, state dd/mm/yy (note: must be on or after advertised delivery date)
If delivering directly to recipient, state their full name and address (double check for errors)

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